Company Profile

   We,Thai Sirin International, are honestly and faithfully to do business with any buyer in order
to create long term and stainable

   We,Thai Sirin International, have experience in Dried Sea Cucumber (Beche-De-Mer) and Shark Fin for more than 15 years. From our sources in South Pacific Islands, we can supply more than 15 species of Dried Sea Cucumber to serve our customers. We warmly welcome any buyers from Asia countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and HongKong, U.S.A. and Cannada as well.

   For your confidence in our product quality and service, we can guarantee to ship no rotten and no crack of our goods, which may be certified by any international surveyor.


   At the past, we mainly process
shark fin, especially a small one
that is Atlantic and Pacific Dogfish
tail fin. Now, we are glad to
process and export big shark fins,
which are white and black shark fin,
and blue shark fin.

   We have traded fishmaw more than
70 tons or 10-15 containers per
year, and all are cat fishmaws.
Normally,we only sell it in domestic
market, and now we plan to export
both raw fishmaw and fried fishmaw.

   In Thailand, we can crop a lot of
Cashew nut each year, so we are
ready to sell it to international
market this year.